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Sandstream Mini

Sandstream Mini

Perfect for small family use. This portable 500W solution can fit anywhere in the house as long as it is close to your electricity distribution box. The Sandstream Mini can power up to 5 electrical products at the same time. For example:
  1. Five LED light bulbs (10wp each)
  2. A mobile phone, laptop or a desktop computer
  3. A TV (up to 32 inches), a music player and a DSTV decoder
  4. Up to 3 ceiling fans
  5. A water dispenser or a set of hair clippers
If you are unlikely to use more than this, then the Sandstream Mini may be what you are looking for.
Sandstream Flex

Sandstream Flex

This is for people looking for a higher standard with better performance. This 5500W multifunctional hybrid solar change inverter has a high response speed, high reliability and gives a better standard than the Mini and the Compact solar solutions. This product boasts:
  • AC sine wave output
  • Full digital voltage
  • An advanced control algorithm
  • Advanced SPWM technology
  • A double closed loop control system
The Sandstream Flex can power up to 15 electrical products at the same time. For example:
  1. Light 25 LED bulbs (max 10wp each).
  2. Mobile Cell phones, Power One (1) Desktop
  3. Two (2) 50 Inches TV Screen,
  4. Three (5) ceiling fans.
  5. One (1) Water Dispenser.
  6. One (1) Hair Clipper
  7. One (1) Coffee Maker
  8. One (1) Music Player
  9. One (1) toaster
  10. One (1) Water Kettle
  11. One (1) Fridge
  12. One (1)Freezer
  13. One (1)Water Pump
  14. One (1)Printer
  15. One (1) 1.5Hp Inverter AC
If you want a much more reliable source of energy, but are not using extreme amounts of electricity, then this is ideal for you.
Sandstream Compact

Sandstream Compact

For those who need a few electrical products in their house, but not lots of them. The Sandstream Compact is a 2000W solar solution that can support up to 2.1-battery backup, and comes with an IOT sensor. As the name suggests; it has a compact design for easy installation anywhere with:
  • A power distribution box
  • A PV surge protector device
  • An AC output breaker
  • Connection Cable sets
The Sandstream Compact can power up to 12 electrical products at the same time. For example:
  1. 15 LED light bulbs (10wp each)
  2. A laptop
  3. A desktop computer
  4. A TV (up to 50 inches),
  5. A music player and a DSTV cable decoder
  6. Up to 3 ceiling fans
  7. 1 water dispenser
  8. A set of hair clippers
  9. A coffee maker
  10. A projector
  11. A fridge or water pump
  12. A mobile phone
If you are looking for something to give you a little bit extra power in your house, then this solar solution is perfect for you.
Sandstream Max

Sandstream Max

For those looking for the best. Whether you are a business that needs a lot of solar power or a home with many household electrical products, the Sandstream Max is ready to provide you with all the power that you need. The Sandstream Max comes with over 10kwh lithium battery storage and can power up to 20 electrical products at the same time. For example:
  1. 25 LED bulbs (max 10wp each).
  2. Mobile Cell phones,
  3. Power One (1) Desktop
  4. Two (2) 50 Inches TV Screen,
  5. Three (3) ceiling fans.
  6. One (1) Water Dispenser.
  7. One (1) Hair Clipper
  8. One (1) Coffee Maker
  9. One (1) Music Player
  10. One (1) toaster
  11. One (1) Water Kettle
  12. One (1) Fridge
  13. One (1)Freezer
  14. One (1)Water Pump
  15. One (1)Printer
  16. Two 1.5Hp Inverter AC units
  17. A washing machine
  18. Halogen lights
  19. An electric grill
  20. An electric drill
The Sandstream Max has a wp (watt peak) of 8000 watts, which is more than enough for your high demand electric needs.
Lithium Battery 4.8 KWH

Lithium Battery 4.8 KWH

For those who like the idea of the lithium battery but are looking for a larger, more powerful product. The 4.8KW lithium battery includes: Possibility of connecting the units in parallel to obtain the power in kWh of each project. 6000 Cycles 50% discharge - 4000 Cycles 80% discharge - 3000 Cycles 100% discharge. includes BMS and RS485 and RJ45 Internet connection system. Includes connection wiring between them. 5 YEARS WARRANTY
Sandstream Chill

Sandstream Chill

Sandstream chill comes with
  1. Two 405wp panel
  2. Two lead acid battery (12v 200AH)
  3. One (1) 3KVa Hybrid inverter
You can Power 10 recommended appliances below simultaneously:
  1. Light 15 LED bulbs (max 10wp each).
  2. Mobile Cell phones, Power laptop or a Desktop.
  3. One (1) 50 Inches TV Screen, Music Player and DSTV cable decoder.
  4. Three (3) ceiling fans.
  5. One (1) Water Dispenser.
  6. Hair Clipper
  7. Coffee Maker
  8. Projector
  9. Water dispenser
  10. Fridge or Water Pump
Overloading damages the solution
Solar Torch

Solar Torch

A Sandstream brand PV module solar torch with 2w power An absolute must for those who need instant and easy access to light - especially in power outages - and is an ideal lighting and phone charging tool. The benefits of the Sandstream solar torch include:
  • Able to give light continuously for up to 9 hours.
  • Longevity - it has a durable recharge period of 900,000 hours
  • Super bright LED light that can reach 200m
  • Three level dimmer switch
  • Integrated emergency torchlight when needed
  • Choice of two colors: white and yellow
  • Exceptionally high brightness at 18000-20000 mcd
  • Charging available by both solar and USB interface at 100-240v - 50-60Hz 0.3A
  • Short charging time - only 4 hours
  • 2500mAh lithium battery
  • USB mobile device charging socket provided
  • Completely waterproof
  • Innovative design, with charging and low battery lighting indicators
The rechargeable Sandstream solar torch is 23 cm in height without the handle (32 cm in total with the handle) and will provide you with a simple energy saving solution with a long term quality to last a lifetime.
Sandstream Connect

Sandstream Connect

Sandstream connect comes with
  1. One 405wp panel
  2. One lead acid battery (12v 200AH)
  3. One 500w Hybrid inverter
You can Power 5 recommended appliances below simultaneously.
  1. Light 5 LED bulbs (max 10wp each).
  2. Mobile Cell phones, Power laptop or a Desktop.
  3. One (1) 32 Inches TV Screen, Music Player and DSTV decoder.
  4. Three (3) ceiling fans.
  5. Water Dispenser or Hair Clipper
Overloading damages the solution.
Solar Streetlight

Solar Streetlight

LED Lamp: 2835 LED 6000K-6500K Solar Panel: 16V 45W, Mono-Crystalline Baterry Type: LiFePO4 32650 12.8 20AH Charging Time: 6-8 hours Discharging Time: 12 Hours Lumen: 100 lm/w Material: Aluminium Alloy Sensing Angle: 120 Lamp Size: 1120*330*45mm Install Height: 5-7 m Warranty: 3 Years
Solar Storage Battery

Solar Storage Battery

High Performance and economical, made using rugged tabular plates. These 12V 220AH tabular batteries require minimum maintenance and can power your home for many hours when connected with a hybrid inverter. These solar batteries recharge fast and are suitable for outdoor installations.
Solar Panels

Solar Panels

All Sandstream’s solar panels are produced professionally to the specifications advertised. This is to ensure the highest quality and reliability for our customers throughout Africa. Each 405wp monocrystalline panel:
  • Comes with rare aluminium frames
  • Uses half cell technology, designed to reduce power losses and give you more output whilst using less space
  • Reduces cell cracks
  • Comes with a 30 year warranty from the UKSOL
Inverter 3KVA

Inverter 3KVA

By combining the best features from off-grid and grid-tied solar systems, this hybrid product is equally at home acting as an off-grid solar with backup power or as a grid-tied solar with even more battery storage than usual. The benefits of the inverter 3KVA include:
  • Two output modes; mains bypass and inverter output This is to ensure an uninterrupted power supply
  • Four charging modes: only solar, mains and solar hybrid charging, solar priority and mains priority
  • Advanced MPPT technology with 99.9% efficiency
  • Suitable for many different types of energy storage batteries
  • ON/OFF rocker switch provided for AC output control
  • Advanced variable speed fan to cool down the product efficiently and extend system life
  • Lithium battery activation design, which allows access to both lead acid batteries and lithium batteries
Rural Connect

Rural Connect

Ideal for areas with a small number of people, like a village.
Sub-Urban Connect

Sub-Urban Connect

For those in a more residential area, larger than a village away from a big city.
Urban Connect

Urban Connect

This is for more populated areas like large towns and small cities. Places that have a high number of people both living and working there.
Commercial Connect

Commercial Connect

This is the top of the range service typically reserved for huge areas like:
  • Office complexes
  • Large restaurants
  • Shopping malls
  • Service stations