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Annual Maintenance

Annual Maintenance

We have professional installation technicians trained to install and return to audit the performance of your solution periodically; this way we ensure customers are guaranteed absolutely and no disruption to their solar electricity supply.

All Sandstream solar installations are equipped with WIFI remote monitoring; customers can observe the performance of installed solution at any time via web or app.

We also make sure to follow up calls to customers 5 days after installation has been completed for feedbacks, reviews or complaints from our customer to close the loop.

After-sales support is part of our customer journey, Customer satisfaction and happiness is our top priority. Customer can call our customer care support line 0706 553 5219, or visit our website

Dial *801# and have Sandstream at your fingertip. With this USSD code you get a list of options, select After Sales services and please follow the instructions appropriately or you can SMS “HELP” to 80111.

Customer Experience Survey

Customer Experience Survey

Customer Experience Survey (before installation and during installation)

  1. Difficulties experienced during the payment, ordering and delivery process
  2. Rate in the installer’s speed, professionalism, friendliness, and performance during installation
  3. Speed and efficiency of installers

User Experience Survey (after installation and customer satisfaction)

  1. Challenges experienced while using the system?
  2. System performance?
  3. Is the system meeting your needs?
  4. Faults developed while using the system
  5. Strength of the battery and how long it lasted at night Are you satisfied with the services we have provided you? Do you feel there is anywhere where we can improve? If you have the time, please take part in our online survey and let us know how happy you are.
What is the Right Solution for me?

What is the Right Solution for me?

The best solution depends on the appliances in a customer's home and the appliances he/she would like to load onto the solar system.

Solar System Technician Call Out

Solar System Technician Call Out

If there is any technical faults and there is a need for a technician after installation.

Solar PV Installation Course

Solar PV Installation Course

Sandstream is dedicated to train and produce the best Pv installers in the country. Once one is done with the entrepreneurship course and joins our team, you are guaranteed to earn N30,000 on each successful installation
Solar Installation Service

Solar Installation Service

For installation to commence, the following steps has to be taken accordingly:
  • Once a customer has shown interest in purchase of a system, the customer’s details (Name, phone number, email address, House address) are uploaded on the CRM
  • An invoice would be sent to customer’s email with the terms & conditions, for the customer to read and accept them by either a written or electronic signature as well as written approval via telephone or any means of electronic message.
  • The customer then accepts the invoice and also the terms & conditions, he gets a call from the installation team to agree on a suitable time and date for a physical survey to be done at the given address.
  • A physical survey would be done by the installation team, to get the following information: Roof Orientation and Shading Analysis, Roofing Details, Load Analysis, Solar PV System usability check)
  • After the survey, customer has a one-on-one with the installation team for better understanding of the customer’s needs. Also, help educate the customer more if need be.
  • Then final invoice is sent to the customer, and he has to accept again by either a written or electronic signature as well as written approval via telephone or any means of electronic message.
  • Once the final invoice is accepted by the customer, he then goes ahead to make payment using any of our payment method.
  • Once payment has been confirmed by us, he receives another phone call from the installation team on when he wants the installation to commence.
  • An installation team is dispatched to the installation site (House address registered on the CRM) to carry out the following: - Install Solar Panel Mounts
- Install the Solar Panels - Wire the Solar Panels - Install Inverter - Bond Inverter and Battery. - Connect the Inverter to the Consumer Unit - Start and Test Solar Panels -System Demonstration: The final step is to do a demonstration of how the system works, also on how you can appropriately maintain your system on a regular basis and for safety measures, a system maintenance document/ manual would be handed over to the customer. After that, the solar installation process is completed.