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Sandstream Solar Systems: Invest In a Cleaner, Richer Tomorrow

Your over-dependence on fossil fuels stops here. We empower and enable your choice to switch to a more reliable and renewable power source.

The global demand for clean, renewable energy is growing rapidly. With Nigeria’s population set to double to 402 million by the year 2050, solar power systems are already a highly promising investment in the future. Residential, business, and community solutions have rocketed in popularity in this sunshine-rich country as the price of fossil fuels begins to climb steadily.

At Sandstream, we give investors the opportunity to make a positive social impact and steady financial returns by joining us on our mission for a cleaner, richer tomorrow. We design, install, operate, maintain, and manage solar mini-grids for Nigerian families, enterprises, and communities. With your help, we can grow our venture and continue bringing renewable energy to even more people.


Why Sandstream?

Solar solutions such as mini grids, solar panels, and storage systems are efficient, clean, and reliable ways for rural communities to generate their own electricity. In the U.S., solar is expected to reach 36% of all renewable power generated, positioning it as the fastest-growing source of clean fuel in the country. Nigeria, which receives an average of 6 hours daily sunshine and evenly spread solar irradiation, has tremendous potential for solar systems. Yet, the market remains ripe with opportunity as distributed rural communities continue to rely on fossil fuel generators for expensive, unpredictable electricity supplies.


How Do Investors Help?

Sandstream uses investment capital to provide villages and towns with community mini grids. This gives them independence from generators and provides residents with a consistent flow of renewable energy, as well as the means to store it. We empower residents and business owners to self-generate, reduce their electricity costs, and enjoy electricity in areas that remain off the grid.

We are open to investment from NGOs, development agencies, individuals, and government bodies that are interested in a stable, sustainable return on their investment. If you are an individual looking to pioneer self-generation in your community, we can design and build your mini grids while the government takes care of financing and ownership. Sandstream is usually awarded a long-term concession to operate for the rural community.

Join us in our quest for a cleaner, richer Nigeria. Enjoy the benefits today, tomorrow, and long into the future.