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The world is moving on to sustainable natural energy sources, and here is your chance to become part of something brilliant.

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The population of Nigeria is booming, and with growth comes a need to create affordable energy. In many developing countries, this can be a huge issue because keeping up with the demand for energy creates extra costs…and not to mention the drain on natural resources, as well as the environment.

However at Sandstream we have found a gap in the market; solar energy supplies.

As the cost of things like coal and oil continue to soar, there has been an energy source under our noses the whole time; possibly the most powerful energy source in the world. Now it is time to use that natural energy and take advantage of all the goodness it has to offer.


But Why Sandstream…?

Our vision is to create a better Africa in more ways than one, as proved when we installed a 500KW rooftop on one of Nigeria’s largest teaching hospitals. This massive, unique design was spread across nine different rooftops with a total area of 2,622m2. This of course was a very complex job, but 100% worth it to provide a top hospital with its own energy supply, and at the same time make their lives much easier. Not to mention the space they saved.

The financial savings are vast too. In some cases savings are a whopping 34 percent!

As a country so close to the equator (and also numerous deserts), the sun is our greatest ally in the fight for sustainable, clean energy, as it is throughout Africa – which is where we aim to grow our

brand in the near future.


How do Investors Help Us?

With the extra investment money, Sandstream can quickly and efficiently put mini grids, solar kits and SHS (for households) in local villages and towns that currently need expensive generators to survive. Because they can store this natural energy as well as use it, this helps local families and businesses be independent, and have energy in places that are far away from major cities and hard to direct power to.

We are open to collaborating with:

  • NGOs
  • Development agencies
  • Governing bodies
  • Individuals
  • Any group of people with a passion to help save the world

Our aim is to give an average 8% profit, provided we expand at the rate we expect to grow in the next few years.

If you share the same vision for a happier, healthier and richer Africa, then grow with us. We look forward to hearing from you.