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Nigeria is growing in so many ways on a daily basis, which means the opportunities here are limitless. The trouble with this is growth in all parts of the economy can lead to pollution. The fear is asking ‘is change good?’ However at Sandstream we provide a simple yet perfect solution to this possible problem.

Let the sun work for you…

Throughout Africa we have arguably the biggest natural resource in the world – solar energy. As a fast growing company that specialises in solar power, Our job is to not only provide our customers with high level equipment made to last, but to be a one stop shop for all your solar needs.

Why are we looking for partners?

This is for two main reasons:

1) Partnerships help us reach our goal quicker for a healthier Africa.

Our goal is to provide budget friendly materials with high performance. By growing quickly, we can reach the average person far more efficiently and give them something that will be better for their families in the long run, both financially and for the environment.

2) Having more people on board that share our vision.

What we want to do is make Nigeria, Western Africa and the world beautiful. To do that, we do our part by utilising the sun’s energy to harness the energy and in turn do our bit for the environment.

To have like-minded people alongside us, more people will enjoy the feeling that we are doing good for the world, while at the same time knowing our top-quality cost efficient products are helping the average man as well.

We are already an established, reputable solar panel provider throughout Nigeria, but our goal is to become the go-to company for tailor-made panelling for the whole of Africa. We believe with your help this dream is not far away, and a goal that can easily be reached in the near future.

So if you are:

  • A local or global enterprise, looking to reduce your carbon footprint
  • An NGO, that wants to make a difference
  • Part of a company that can provide mutually beneficial advice and knowledge
  • An individual who wants to be a part of something spectacular

…Then we look forward to hearing from you. By joining forces, we are excited to be able to help Africa with affordable mini-grids all over the continent and ultimately create a better world.