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Collaborate With Sandstream: Let’s Make The Future Bright Together

Industry partnerships for a cleaner, more sustainable Africa.

Africa’s growing population demands increasingly more affordable, dependable power, and Sandstream is rising to meet this challenge. To provide clean and sustainable electricity to the country’s communities and its remotest regions, we work with industry experts who can contribute with their experience and expertise.

By collaborating with established partners, Sandstream offers its customers the very best in top-quality products and services. We make sure to source and use the highest caliber products, systems, and support for all our offerings so our clientele enjoys long-term value from their clean energy investments.

At Sandstream, our vision is a future where communities across the continent can enjoy reliable, sustainable, and affordable solar power through economical mini grids and solar energy systems.

We believe this vision is achievable only through mutually beneficial industry partnerships and a collective commitment to success.

Sandstream welcomes the opportunity to collaborate with local and global enterprises, research bodies, government groups, and NGOs who can help us achieve our vision. We are open to collaborating with valuable stakeholders with technological, logistical, and scientific expertise, as well as other associations who share our goal.

By collaborating, we can create a brighter, cleaner future through affordable mini grids for everyone in Africa.