Solar For Home
Sandstream Mini

Sandstream Mini

Perfect for small family use. This portable 500W solution can fit anywhere in the house as long as it is close to your electricity distribution box. The Sandstream Mini can power up to 5 electrical products at the same time. For example:
  1. Five LED light bulbs (10wp each)
  2. A mobile phone, laptop or a desktop computer
  3. A TV (up to 32 inches), a music player and a DSTV decoder
  4. Up to 3 ceiling fans
  5. A water dispenser or a set of hair clippers
If you are unlikely to use more than this, then the Sandstream Mini may be what you are looking for.
Sandstream Compact

Sandstream Compact

For those who need a few electrical products in their house, but not lots of them. The Sandstream Compact is a 2000W solar solution that can support up to 2.1-battery backup, and comes with an IOT sensor. As the name suggests; it has a compact design for easy installation anywhere with:
  • A power distribution box
  • A PV surge protector device
  • An AC output breaker
  • Connection Cable sets
The Sandstream Compact can power up to 12 electrical products at the same time. For example:
  1. 15 LED light bulbs (10wp each)
  2. A laptop
  3. A desktop computer
  4. A TV (up to 50 inches),
  5. A music player and a DSTV cable decoder
  6. Up to 3 ceiling fans
  7. 1 water dispenser
  8. A set of hair clippers
  9. A coffee maker
  10. A projector
  11. A fridge or water pump
  12. A mobile phone
If you are looking for something to give you a little bit extra power in your house, then this solar solution is perfect for you.
Sandstream Flex

Sandstream Flex

This is for people looking for a higher standard with better performance. This 5500W multifunctional hybrid solar change inverter has a high response speed, high reliability and gives a better standard than the Mini and the Compact solar solutions. This product boasts:
  • AC sine wave output
  • Full digital voltage
  • An advanced control algorithm
  • Advanced SPWM technology
  • A double closed loop control system
The Sandstream Flex can power up to 15 electrical products at the same time. For example:
  1. Light 25 LED bulbs (max 10wp each).
  2. Mobile Cell phones, Power One (1) Desktop
  3. Two (2) 50 Inches TV Screen,
  4. Three (5) ceiling fans.
  5. One (1) Water Dispenser.
  6. One (1) Hair Clipper
  7. One (1) Coffee Maker
  8. One (1) Music Player
  9. One (1) toaster
  10. One (1) Water Kettle
  11. One (1) Fridge
  12. One (1)Freezer
  13. One (1)Water Pump
  14. One (1)Printer
  15. One (1) 1.5Hp Inverter AC
If you want a much more reliable source of energy, but are not using extreme amounts of electricity, then this is ideal for you.
Sandstream Max

Sandstream Max

For those looking for the best. Whether you are a business that needs a lot of solar power or a home with many household electrical products, the Sandstream Max is ready to provide you with all the power that you need. The Sandstream Max comes with over 10kwh lithium battery storage and can power up to 20 electrical products at the same time. For example:
  1. 25 LED bulbs (max 10wp each).
  2. Mobile Cell phones,
  3. Power One (1) Desktop
  4. Two (2) 50 Inches TV Screen,
  5. Three (3) ceiling fans.
  6. One (1) Water Dispenser.
  7. One (1) Hair Clipper
  8. One (1) Coffee Maker
  9. One (1) Music Player
  10. One (1) toaster
  11. One (1) Water Kettle
  12. One (1) Fridge
  13. One (1)Freezer
  14. One (1)Water Pump
  15. One (1)Printer
  16. Two 1.5Hp Inverter AC units
  17. A washing machine
  18. Halogen lights
  19. An electric grill
  20. An electric drill
The Sandstream Max has a wp (watt peak) of 8000 watts, which is more than enough for your high demand electric needs.