Frequently Asked Questions

Below we will try to answer frequently asked questions

Why buy from Sandstream?
Why switch to solar?
How do I get a solar solution installed?
Why buy from Sandstream?
We 100% guarantee power voltage performance with all of our systems.

With a focus on enriching Nigeria’s future by providing homes, businesses, and communities with affordable, eco-friendly, and life-changing solar energy, Sandstream offers 5 and 10-year warranties on its respective products, and a 15-year guarantee on its panels. You can rest assured that our components are sourced from reputable, leading manufacturers. Our technicians are fully certified and trained to ensure the highest quality installation. In addition, we also offer regular maintenance services.

We give you the power to choose your power

Sandstream solutions allow you to become less grid dependent and to save on diesel and petrol generator costs while contributing to a greener planet. Our staff are highly trained, highly skilled and will give you the best advice for your specific solution.

We offer a one-stop shop for solar solutions.

We can support your solar selection, site survey, design, procurement, installation, commissioning, and after-sales service. We offer a one-stop solar shop at where you can buy and have your solar conveniently and professionally installed. Putting our customers first, our proposition is a 360 solar solution system and compactable energy-saving appliance to serve our consumer, SME, and institutional clients.

We offer you the best product possible.

Our solutions are custom configured to cater to our customer’s needs. The configuration depends on the type and number of appliances in a customer’s home and the appliances he/she would like to load onto the solar system. Our 6 philosophies to give YOU the best solar solution are hinged on Quality, Reliability, Performance, Choice, Value and Uniqueness – ensuring you are 100% satisfied with our solar solutions

We offer easy payment.

All of Sandstream’s complete solar home solution installations require a 60% advance payment, with the remaining balance of 40% spread out over 10 months. Customers can receive a discount voucher of 20% on Sandstream Solar Home Solutions that qualify under the Rural Electrification Agency-NEP grant. The terms and conditions of the program apply.

Why switch to solar?
Solar is quiet

One of the most remarkable benefits of having a solar solution at your home or office is that the panels are specially designed to operate without making noise. Aside from a minimal inverter hum and the occasional new wind noise, your solar panel system will offer a noise-free solution to your energy needs.

Solar saves you money

While the cost of setting up a solar system is not necessarily cheap, in the long run, the consumer will save lots of money. Studies show that a system is paid for in savings after 5-7 years. All savings after this go into the consumer’s pocket!

To ensure you can get these amazing savings, Sandstream will guide you to select the optimal solution that will cover your needs for electricity. We design, develop, and install the finest renewable energy solutions so you can power your home or business with a steady stream of clean, reliable solar energy. Our solutions will last you 10 to 15 years without fueling, filters, or oil changes. Our solutions are also more reliable than the electricity grid.

Solar energy is sustainable

Solar energy comes from the sun and is converted into electricity through the use of solar systems that are portable and lightweight. These systems can be installed both indoors and outdoors, and are eco-friendly, with no carbon monoxide emissions that pollute our environment.

Since solar energy is the cleanest, most abundant natural resource available many experts think it will be by far the most used energy source in much of the world by 2030. By moving from fossil fuel-dependent energy sources to clean, safe, and renewable solar we can lower public safety risks and overall public health costs, which improves our communities and country overall.

As a citizen, you are empowered to generate your own electricity, whether as a community or individual. 84% of children have more time to study when connected to solar. 91% of customers feel safer than with kerosene lamps and there is no risk of fire hazards often seen with petrol generators. By choosing solar you are choosing the best, most efficient option available on the market today.

How do I get a solar solution installed?
We survey your home or businesses

A physical survey will be done by our installation team, which will collect the following information: roof orientation and shading analysis, roofing details, load analysis, and solar PV system usability check. Then, prior to the start of the installation, customers will engage in a one-on-one sit-down with our installation team to answer any questions and make sure that the entire process is fully understood.

You receive an invoice and proceed to make payments

An invoice will be sent to your email along with the terms & conditions for you to read and accept by either a written or electronic signature, or alternatively a written approval via telephone or an electronic message. Payment indicated on the invoice must be made by the customer and confirmed by the Sandstream finance team before the installation can commence.

We conduct full installation

We have professional installation technicians trained to install and then to return to audit the performance of your solution periodically. This way we ensure our solutions are fully guaranteed and that there is no disruption in service. We install your solution within 5 working days and continue to support you in the proceeding years as your solar needs continue to evolve.

In the event you change your location, Sandstream can assist you with moving your solar solution to a new location. Simply order a full solar installation service and we will make sure the process is as smooth as possible.

You begin to use your solar

Our engineer will commission your solar solution and present the working process to you on site. Once it is fully installed, simply sit back and enjoy your stream of reliable, efficient, and affordable electricity. We also will provide you with all manuals and warranty cards for your systems.

5 days after your installation has been completed Sandstream will contact you for feedback and review of our products and services because we truly appreciate and value your opinion. All Sandstream solar installations are equipped with WIFI remote monitoring; customers can observe the performance of their installed solution(s) at any time via the web or an app

We are here to help

While all of our technicians are fully trained and certified, we also offer continued after-sales support to make sure we are there every step of the way of your energy conservation journey, Customer satisfaction and happiness are our top priorities.

Customers can call our customer care support line at 0706 553 5219, or visit our website,

Dial *801# and have Sandstream at your fingertips. With this USSD code you get a list of options, select HELP, and please follow the instructions appropriately, or you can SMS “HELP” to 801111.