Sandstream Flex


This is for people looking for a higher standard with better performance. This 5500W multifunctional hybrid solar change inverter has a high response speed, high reliability and gives a better standard than the Mini and the Compact solar solutions.

This product boasts:

  • AC sine wave output
  • Full digital voltage
  • An advanced control algorithm
  • Advanced SPWM technology
  • A double closed loop control system

The Sandstream Flex can power up to 15 electrical products at the same time. For example:

  1. Light 25 LED bulbs (max 10wp each).
  2. Mobile Cell phones, Power One (1) Desktop
  3. Two (2) 50 Inches TV Screen,
  4. Three (5) ceiling fans.
  5. One (1) Water Dispenser.
  6. One (1) Hair Clipper
  7. One (1) Coffee Maker
  8. One (1) Music Player
  9. One (1) toaster
  10. One (1) Water Kettle
  11. One (1) Fridge
  12. One (1)Freezer
  13. One (1)Water Pump
  14. One (1)Printer
  15. One (1) 1.5Hp Inverter AC

If you want a much more reliable source of energy, but are not using extreme amounts of electricity, then this is ideal for you.