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Every community, no matter how remote can have their own reliable power source.

A better and brighter sustainable future for your home, enterprise and community starts Sandstream.  

Unwelcome power interruptions, rising prices, and even the humid weather can put a strain on your family’s comfort and even your business goals. The simple comforts of keeping your food fresh, your devices charged, and your customers coming back for more makes steady power quite essential across Africa.

That’s where we come in.

Our goal is not just to power, but to empower Africa with the means to generate and store their own solar electricity—day and night. Not only do we guarantee quality, premium customer service, and peace of mind with our mini grid systems and solar battery storage solutions, we remove interruptions and damaging pollutants by giving you a stream of clean, sustainable, and reliable electricity.

Let’s make the future together!

Does our vision of uninterrupted power stir something inside you? Then collaborate with us!

Sandstream is happy to collaborate with individuals, associations, NGOs, Government bodies and others across Africa.

With rapid population growth, a cleaner, sustainable tomorrow for all is only achievable through community and industry partnerships that are focused on the greater good—through renewable, affordable solar power. Reach out to us right now by clicking here.


Reasons you should choose us for your home and business power needs…

Solar Energy Systems IS the future

Solar Energy Systems IS the future

Our Solar Systems provide clean, reliable, affordable solar energy for homes, businesses, and communities use. They offer a steady flow of renewable power for convenience, comfort, and independence.
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Say goodbye to diesel costs

Say goodbye to diesel costs

Rechargeable solar energy is the economical, reliable alternative to diesel generators for uninterrupted power throughout the day and night for your family or business.
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We Keep You Completely Updated

We Keep You Completely Updated

Get personalized energy impact surveys and advice from our specialist solar energy advisors. Learn more about your power use, potential energy savings, or have your mini grid designed.
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Superior Installation and Maintenance

Superior Installation and Maintenance

Our trained and certified Sandstream electricians install and maintain your Solar System so you can enjoy stress-free, consistent solar electricity for home or office use.
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Top Notch Electricity Consumption Monitors

Top Notch Electricity Consumption Monitors

Reduce your energy bills and carbon footprint with our electricity consumption monitors, which measure how much energy your family or business generates and uses.
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Unequalled Connectivity

Unequalled Connectivity

Connect your domestic or commercial property to a Sandstream solar mini grid to enjoy clean, reliable energy without interruptions. You can just as easily access an existing mini grid or request a new one for your community.
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Keep the lights on 24/7 with Sandstream’s renewable energy products and services.


Ready for a brighter tomorrow? Interested in joining our mission for a richer, cleaner, sustainable Africa? Whether you’re just curious or ready to invest, we’re here to get you started.

Thanks to consistent, intense sunshine, even in the challenging African marketplace, Sandstream is positioned to continue rapidly expanding and outperform across board.

Although demand for solar projects is still new, solar electricity not only promises short and long term benefits but delivers clear returns on investment, right from the start.

Concerned about negative emissions? Our off grid solar solutions, solar battery storage, and mini grids are designed to put your mind at ease.

Expect premium innovative solutions, clear guidance and straightforward advice without the high price tag. We help you make the right choice for your location, property type, and daily consumption whether it’s for your home, office, farm, or village.

Our Community

Sandstream is a team of specialist solar energy designers, engineers, electricians, and industry experts based in Nigeria. We design, develop, and install the finest renewable energy mini grids so you can power your home or business with a steady stream of clean, reliable solar energy.

Our Customers

Although based in Nigeria, we are pan Africa, providing independence and solar energy for homeowners, families, business, communities and partner organizations.


Through innovative design, Sandstream aims to reduce the cost of solar power in Africa and provide an affordable alternative to fossil fuel generators. We help you identify inefficiencies in your current energy usage and cut your spend significantly.


Store, manage, and access the electricity you generate day or night – with a Sandstream mini grid, even the most remote rural communities can enjoy uninterrupted power supply.

Energy Efficient

Boost your energy efficiency by cutting your electricity expenses and reducing your carbon footprint. With our monitoring, storage, and management solutions, it’s easy, quick and stress-free to switch to renewable energy today.

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At Sandstream, you are part of something bigger. We are looking for talented, passionate, and inspired individuals to join our team.

If you're looking for an engaging role in a better, cleaner future, welcome!

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