Annual Maintenance


We have professional installation technicians trained to install and return to audit the performance of your solution periodically; this way we ensure customers are guaranteed absolutely and no disruption to their solar electricity supply.

All Sandstream solar installations are equipped with WIFI remote monitoring; customers can observe the performance of installed solution at any time via web or app.

We also make sure to follow up calls to customers 5 days after installation has been completed for feedbacks, reviews or complaints from our customer to close the loop.

After-sales support is part of our customer journey, Customer satisfaction and happiness is our top priority. Customer can call our customer care support line 0706 553 5219, or visit our website

Dial *801# and have Sandstream at your fingertip. With this USSD code you get a list of options, select After Sales services and please follow the instructions appropriately or you can SMS “HELP” to 80111.