Sandstream Max


For those looking for the best. Whether you are a business that needs a lot of solar power or a home with many household electrical products, the Sandstream Max is ready to provide you with all the power that you need.

The Sandstream Max comes with over 10kwh lithium battery storage and can power up to 20 electrical products at the same time. For example:

  1. 25 LED bulbs (max 10wp each).
  2. Mobile Cell phones,
  3. Power One (1) Desktop
  4. Two (2) 50 Inches TV Screen,
  5. Three (3) ceiling fans.
  6. One (1) Water Dispenser.
  7. One (1) Hair Clipper
  8. One (1) Coffee Maker
  9. One (1) Music Player
  10. One (1) toaster
  11. One (1) Water Kettle
  12. One (1) Fridge
  13. One (1)Freezer
  14. One (1)Water Pump
  15. One (1)Printer
  16. Two 1.5Hp Inverter AC units
  17. A washing machine
  18. Halogen lights
  19. An electric grill
  20. An electric drill

The Sandstream Max has a wp (watt peak) of 8000 watts, which is more than enough for your high demand electric needs.