Sandstream Connect


The Sandstream Connect is a solar solution package that comes with a panel, one lead acid battery, and one hybrid inverter. This solar solution can power up most of your essential appliances.

Sandstream connect comes with:

  1. 8kwh lithium battery with battery accessories
  2. Sandstream’s 5500W hybrid inverter
  3. 405W panels
  4. 200A changeover
  5. Digital surge and enclosure box
  6. 6mm PV cable and 4mm supply wire
  7. AC and DC breakers
  8. Trunking and flexible pipes
  9. Mounting system with bolt and screws
  10. Electrician for 2 DBs
  11. Nails and tower clips

You can Power 5 recommended appliances below simultaneously.

  1. Light 5 LED bulbs (max 10wp each).
  2. Mobile Cell phones, Power laptop or a Desktop.
  3. One (1) 32 Inches TV Screen, Music Player and DSTV decoder.
  4. Three (3) ceiling fans.
  5. Water Dispenser or Hair Clipper


Sandstream is not responsible for any extra service that customers may require. Customers will bear all extra costs, especially costs related to:

  • Extra length of cables
  • Drilling of wall for easy passage of PV cables
  • Extra load separation
  • Linking of distribution box
  • Technical survey
  • Extension of solar connection to BQ and other parts of the house