Solar PV System 5Kw

  • 5 kW modules with up to 19% efficiency
  • High-quality Microcrystalline panels
  • 30-year warranty

Our popular PV system now comes with 5 kW modules with up to 19% efficiency conversation rate for larger energy loads. Harnessing the power of our high-quality Monocrystalline manufactured solar panels is an investment that both saves you money, and helps protect the planet.

Each of the 6×6 Microcrystalline cells absorbs clean energy from the sun and is designed to operate in high temperatures and keep on absorbing on cloudy days and in high winds. This robust system has a 30-year product guarantee and features a junction box IP67.3 diodes; 4mm2 cable and MC4 compatible connectors. The unit allows you to absorb solar energy or store fossil fuels and keep the lights on during power storages. A standard solution will power your LED bulbs, two Television, five table fans, two laptops, a refrigerator, one freezer and one air conditioner.