3 kWh Solar Home Solution

  • 3kWh energy storage
  • PV solar hybrid solution that also store from national grid
  • Great for smaller electricity needs

Sandstream popular Solar Home Solution devices now comes in 3 kWh storage size for those who require minimal energy storage, and those who live in singular or smaller households.The unit features a durable lithium-ion battery that can be charged from PV solar panels or national grid energy.The unit is sleek, discreet and wall-mounted.  The unit offers up to 3 kWh of energy storage, enough to power you home applications during peak times, and power outages. The unit is a cost-effective and money-saving solution to your home energy needs. It is an excellent addition to your solar panel system or an energy-efficient enhancement for grid electricity use. A standard solution will power your LED bulbs, one Television, five table fans, one laptop, a refrigerator and one freezer.