1 kWh Solar Home Solution

  • Stores 4-6 hours of battery charge
  • Run lights, electronics and appliances during power-cuts
  • Portable, Resistant to hot, humid temperatures

Need a back-up for your home energy use? If you have no idea how much energy you need to store, we would like to introduce Orbit, the Solar Home Solution! Orbit is a lithium battery powered solar inverter that stores and saves energy daily use.

Orbit is a Grade ‘A’ solar battery storage system that can run for 8-10 hours and saves sufficient energy for regular and LED bulbs, home televisions, cell phones, and all your household needs. Orbit not only gives you peace of mind when the lights go out, but it also saves you money! You can store energy generated from both solar panels and the electricity grid, Orbit is designed to work efficiently in hot, humid temperatures, and deliver static storage for overnight use.