Take control of
your energy bills.

Our smart meters show you exactly what is costs to keep your home powered, and lets you compare different weeks to keep your bills low.

Smart Home & Surveillance Electronics

3kw Home Hybrid Solar Inverter

  • 3kWh Solar Inverter
  • Ideal for homes with small energy needs
  • Trackable energy consumption

For hassle-free energy and monitoring, look no further than the Sandstream 3kWh Home Hybrid Solar Inverter! The Inverter plugs are Wi-Fi controlled for easy energy tracking for your home or business.

The device connects wirelessly to plugs so you can measure energy consumption effortlessly, the system is also compatible with pre-existing conventional inverters. All energy is trackable online with useful insights and suggestions on how to lower your energy consumption.

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5kw Home Hybrid Solar Inverter

  • 5 kWh Hybrid Inverter
  • Monitor appliances wirelessly
  • Track energy consumption anywhere from mobile app

Need more enhanced energy tracking solutions for higher electricity consumption? Sometimes it isn’t obvious where your energy goes, so we present the 5kWh home Hybrid Solar Inverter that helps larger households and businesses stay on top of their energy consumption.

The inverter connects wirelessly to plugs so you can efficiently and accurately track energy use. The mobile app offers useful energy-saving hints and suggestions based on your data, so you can cut costs and make smart energy choices.

All devices are trackable online from anywhere, so you’re in full control both at home and on the road.

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Smart LED bulb

  • Long-lasting high-quality Smart LED bulb
  • Compatible with any light fitting
  • Easy installation and maintenance

Monitor your energy impact and cut costs with our SMART LED bulbs that are compatible with any light fitting and all Sandstream products and services.

Easy to install and maintain, you can track the LED bulbs usage online via the app that offers extra information and insights based on your consumption.

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Solar Smart Meter

  • Smart energy tracking
  • Track energy remotely with mobile app
  • Compatible with all Sandstream products

Having trouble keeping up with your energy consumption? Our Solar Smart meters are the solution to all your energy saving needs. Our devices are easy to use and highly accurate. They allow you to take control of your energy use and track your expenditure.

The meter is a small and compact design that can track energy across all appliances, they are fully compatible with all Sandstream products, and you can even track your energy online from anywhere with the handy mobile app! The app also features useful tips and tricks on how to lower your energy bills.

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