Put the sun
in your pocket

Generate your own electricity and get paid for every kWh of electricity you export to the grid. See how a mini grid can work for you.

Community Solutions

Solar PV System 100Kw Mini grid

  • 100kW solar grid
  • Powerful solar energy for up to 20 homes
  • Clean 0.1MW renewable energy

Looking for a solar installation package that won’t cost the earth? The Solar PV System 100kW Mini-grid is powerful enough to supply up to 20 homes with clean 0.1MW renewable energy.

We will design and install the system that comes with a scalable battery for efficient energy storage so your neighbourhood can keep running during power outages.

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Solar PV System 1MW Mini grid

  • Mini Power plant for your community or business
  • Back up storage system included
  • Provides clean energy for up to 200 homes

Our Solar PV 1MW Mini-Grid System is a clean and sustainable power plant that provides renewable energy for your community and business! This state-of-the-art plant can supply up to 200 homes with clean energy and keep up with the demands of modern living. The system features a scalable battery storage system that acts as a reliable back-up when grid main systems fail. The future of your community is bright with a Sandstream Solar PV system.

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Solar PV System 240Kw Mini grid

  • 240kW Mini solar energy plant
  • Scalable battery storage
  • Ideal for up to 50 homes or medium sized factory unit

Have medium energy needs for your community? Looking to save money and the plant whilst sustaining an efficient and technologically assisted community? Our Solar PV system is a 0.24MW scalable battery storage solution for up to 50 homes! Channel the suns energy and keep your community moving at a low cost.

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Solar PV System 500Kw Mini Grid

  • 500kW Solar grid for large scale projects
  • Powers up to 100 homes and businesses
  • Reliable back—up system included

Our massive 500kW mini-grid illuminates your community by providing clean energy to your neighbourhood. Our Solar PV system is a clean and efficient solar power plant that provides renewable energy to up to 100 homes and businesses in the area. Sandstream’s Solar PV system also features an on-grid scalable battery system that facilitates reliable storage and back-up system so your community can keep going during national grid shortages and power loss.

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